Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wow, It's Available!

The new release of my Regency Inspirational Romance, Before the Season Ends, isn't "officially" out until December 1st, 2008, but it's available for pre-order NOW. Cool!

(Need I say that it makes a fabulous birthday or Christmas gift? And by pre-ordering, you get the special discounted price given by the publisher LOCKED IN. That means, even if the price goes up before the release date, you don't pay a penny more than your pre-order price.

That's a prodigiously good deal, wouldn't you say? (Ahem)
You can order from the following retailers: (Click on the name) even has the temporary cover posted for "The House in Grosvenor Square!" That book won't be out until 2009, so it's rather extraordinary to see it listed so soon. Check out how the book covers match one another: Harvest House has very capable graphic artists. The guy on both covers does not, unfortunately, really fit the "hero" character in the book (I'm not namin' names! No spoilers!) but he is
dressed very nicely, indeed. To see the cover of the sequel,
Click here: The House In Grosvenor Square. (Notice I said, "temporary cover"? Can you see the mistake on the book cover? There are two things that are going to be changed, in fact, two inaccuracies. Watch for my next ezine for a contest to see who can spot them before they're changed by the publisher!

Until then, happy reading.

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