Friday, February 15, 2008

Bucks, Blades and Sprigs: A Surprising Gallery of Regency Men

What do Beethoven, Mozart, Salieri, Rossini, Paganini and Moscheles have to do with the Regency? Or Donizetti, Mayr, Chopin and Gluck?

Aside from the fact that all these men were master musicians and composers, they all lived into or past the Regency. Their music, in most cases, might have been well known to a Regency miss or buck of the day. Furthermore, though they may not have lived in England during the period, they sported the same Empire or Regency style of dress, which I compiled and put into my last e-zine issue.

To see them you'll have to download the January issue of Upon My Word! (the Regency 'Zine) from my website. (click here)

Each month's issue of Upon My Word! this year will feature famous figures of the Regency, not strictly from England's shores, but from throughout Europe and even the United States. Why? Because I think that a good study of the Regency should include a sort of "worldview"--a timeline from all over western civilization and even the East. Getting a little more of the whole picture helps set the period firmly in its place in history. And as a writer of regency romance, it helps me remember what my heroine may have been reading, listening to, dancing to, and wearing. This month's issue will be out soon, and the "Famous Figures" feature is Authors and Poets. Don't miss it! (When you go to download the January issue, be sure to sign up and you'll be notified of every new release automatically.)

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