Friday, October 10, 2008

This is Me (Imaginatively Speaking)

I love this picture--it could be Jane Austen writing at her little desk,or it could be--me! (Imaginatively speaking, of course.) The truth is I sit at a laptop in a study which I have all to myself when I write, except that the door remains mostly open, and my children wander in freely whenever they feel the need.

The exception is when I'm on deadline, whether from my publisher or self-imposed: During those down-to-the-wire times I try to control how often the kids may interrupt me. (I actually barricade my door since the lock is broken. It's amazing how strong a five-year-old is!)

But when I'm writing a Regency, I feel like the writer in this picture. And I like that. I like the simplicity, the lack of clutter, the modesty of her dress, and the fact that she is endeavouring to write while household tasks await. Just like me.


Inspire said...

Hi Linore,
Love the new blog. Your photo reflects the true image of a writer. I like the painting, too, and the idea of having a mental image of how we see ourselves as writers. Thanks for alerting everyone at His Writers Group about the new blog. I've bookmarked it and will add your link to my blog.

J. M. Hochstetler said...

I agree with Rita! Thanks for letting us know about this blog. I'm bookmarking it too and will add the link to my blogs and Web site asap.

Lise said...

Regardless of what I am writing, simplicity is something that always seems to make me freer. I most often write everything out long-hand and then transcribe it later.

I sit in a chair, without distractions with a pen or pencil. I have even written to great effect with a fountain pen (the dip pens were just too time-consuming). I agree that environment can, indeed, lend itself to the writing experience. Whether it be the simplicity of writing at a simple table for a historical, without the distractions of a modern day world, writing in a sexy negligee to conjur up a romantic and sexy tone, or beneath the trees out of doors to feel closer to the mysteries of the earth to enhance the fantasy or paranormal story.

A lovely picture and a nice way to identify your writing "persona".