Friday, November 14, 2008

This Christmas, and Always!

Towards the end of the Regency, book sellers got wise to the fact that books make great gifts and developed a special compilation in an exquisite binding called, "The Keepsake." It was intended for women, had a beautiful, cloth-bound cover, and was a compendium of poems, short stories, illustrations, fashion, and essays--everything a woman would like, all beneath the covers of this special gift book. It sold so well for Christmas that it became an annual staple in bookshops, and a counterpart for men was even published. Sales, even then, decided what books would be supported by a publisher.

You don't have to be a book publisher to know that books make a great gift. And if you choose from the hundreds of new inspirational fiction books available at Christian Book or any other bookstore, you know you're giving adventure and romance, or suspense and chills, a mini-vacation, all in one economical gift! That's what I call a wise choice in these days of watching one's pennies. I love to give books as gifts--both fiction and non-fiction--just ask my kids! If I didn't get them books, they'd feel cheated!

Give a book or two this Christmas. Be sure to give books of the sort that you would like to support. Publishers today watch, just as they did, then.

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